Meet Girly

Girly on Scooter

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Girly, the “celebrity” spokes model for My Girly Side.  The two women (i.e., “money”) behind wanted to hire Kristen Bell but came back to earth when they saw her fee.  I auditioned for the role and the ladies decided I’d do just fine.

They “paid” me by handing over the keys to this sweet little Vespa. (There’s also a modest wardrobe allowance though it’s hardly worth mentioning.)

Well, as you might imagine, I quickly grew attached to my scooter and everything was fine for a while.  A few photo shoots, social events and a press interview here and there.  It was a pretty sweet gig. Then came this blog. (BTW … they named it Girly Gab, not me!)

Now I’ve got real responsibility but I’m up for the challenge. Best of all, I’ve been granted free reign in this space, so get ready for a steady dose of Girly reality. I cover a wide range of highly pertinent topics.

From the stuff your mama never told you about that time of the month to what to wear on a first date when you’re on your period to foods to avoid at all cost when PMS-ing, you’ll find plenty of good stuff here.

I’m looking forward to spending time with you.  Leave a comment if you like something.  Or, send me an email at and we’ll hope it gets by my censors.