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Email Mandy Email Becky My Girly Side partners Mandy Brooks and Becky Halford have experienced all seasons of
Mother Nature's glory — and wrath — while building successful careers in marketing and advertising.

Their idea for My Girly Side literally came after a surprise visit from Aunt Flo. Waking up in what looked like an opening scene from CSI, Becky realized she had once again forgotten to get reinforcements. She grabbed a handful of M&M's® and called her girlfriend Mandy, who rushed over with an emergency supply.

While changing the bed linens, the women simultaneously had an aha moment.

Why not provide an online service where women could have their feminine products regularly and discreetly delivered to their doorsteps, along with a subtle dose of girlfriend humor? Add the power of giving back with donations to support young girls' charities and further women's health issues, and My Girly Side was conceived.

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